Review of Winterschool: Learn about Linguistic Data Science

During the winter term, LDSL has offered courses and workshops in our Winter School Learn about Linguistic Data Science. Three online courses were taught during the semester; two online workshops followed at the beginning of the term holidays.

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DFG approves funding for a second period of Exprep (KI-759/8)

We are happy to announce that the DFG (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft) has decided to extend the funding for our research project “Position and Interpretation of adverbials in German clause structure” (Exprep, KI-759/8).
The second phase will broaden the scope of the investigation by including more adverbial forms as well as adverbial types, and by systematically probing the results of the first project phase, and in particular investigate the hitherto neglected interplay of adverbial-specific with general conditions on word order.
For more information see Exprep, KI-759/8.


Qualification tasks for workshops have been sent out

Today, emails with the qualification tasks for the winterschool's workshops have been sent out. We are looking forward to your solutions! If you have registered but not received an email, please send us a message.


SLLDS 2: Bestimmung und Annotation von Präpositionsbedeutungen

You can now download the second volume of Studies in Linguistics and Linguistic Data Science:
"Bestimmung und Annotation von Präpositionsbedeutungen"
by Tibor Kiss, Antje Müller, Claudia Roch, Tobias Stadtfeld, Alicia Katharina Börner & Monika Duzy. In addition, you can also request the resource PrepSensNZZ acompanying this publication here.
SLLDS Volume 2


Winter School 2020/2021 started

Our winter school "Learn about Linguistic Data Science" has started and we are currently working with over 40 students in our online courses.

We are looking forward to more participants in our workshops in February.
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SLLDS 1: On Abstract Nouns and Countability

You can now download the first volume of Studies in Linguistics and Linguistic Data Science: Halima Husić's dissertation "On Abstract nouns and Countability" here:
SLLDS Volume 1


Registration for winter school is now open

Registration for the online courses is open from today. The last day to register is October, 15th, 2020.
Registration for the workshops will be independent and begin November 16th, 2020.

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INLG 2020: Discourse models for text planning

At INLG 2020, there will be a workshop organized by Dr. Christoph Hesse (ZAS Berlin), Maurice Langner (RUB) and Prof. Dr. Ralf Klabunde (associated member at LDSL) regarding Discourse models for text planning.
INLG 2020


Announcement: Winter School 2020/2021

Due to the current situation, we invite you to a slightly different "summer school" during WiSe 20/21: take part from any place in the world and join our classes during the semester. And, if the situation allows, take part in our workshops at RUB.
Winter School