Projects at LDSL

Research is often organized in and financed by projects at the Lab. They cover a range of different topics and goals - here you can have a look at current and past research projects in linguistics, data science and related topics covered at the Lab.



Results at the Lab produce not only publications in the traditional sense - papers and our online magazine SLLDS - but also resources you can find here. These include PUNKT, part of the NLTK package, and the BECL.


Since the Lab is a place where different subjects and ideas come together, it is of course also a place of cooperation. Here you can find information on ways to contact us and cooperate.
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Member of HPC

As part of the HPC we participate in one of the largest and most prestigious projects at RUB, enabling us to work on large-scale data science projects.

Member of KI

We are part of the Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence group at RUB, which offers the opportunity to connect with others who work in this area.