The workshops

In addition to the online courses during the semester, there will be workshops at RUB to connect and deepen your new knowledge.

NN in Python

In this workshop we will understand how to apply a neural network to an NLP task by a concrete example. We will see that recent technology achieves robust results and discuss the generalization problem across data sets.

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From Data to Explanation

Annotated corpus data and data from linguistic experimentation form the two major resources to develop data-based explanations in linguistics. The workshop deals with structuring and analyzing linguistic data using generalized linear mixed models in R, and their application to (open) grammatical problems such as determiner realization or word order variation.

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The online courses

Introduction to Linguistic Models

Dr. Claudia Roch
... introduces you to linguistic models for syntactic parsing involving the concepts of constituency and dependency. You will learn to parse data using NLP libraries like NLTK and spaCy in Python.

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Introduction to Data Science with R

Prof. Dr. Tibor Kiss
... introduces you to models and perspectives in Linguistic Data Science as well as common solutions and tools used by linguistic data scientists. You will learn to apply this knowledge in R.

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Introduction to CL with Python

Mirjam Koch, M.Sc.
... introduces you to a computational linguistist‘s perspective on language, data, and programming. You will learn to write programs solving first small problems in Python from scratch.

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Some preliminary information on the courses and workshops:

  • Online courses (2 CP) and workshops (5 CP) will be credited.
  • Each course and workshop will be credited separately, so that you don't risk to loose work or go away with only half a class if for example attendance won't be possible by February.
  • If and how the courses can be used for your specific degree depends on your university and course. Please ask your student advisors.
  • If questions arise, we are happy to help: or contact the person responsible for a course or workshop
  • The workshops will be open to participants of the online classes, but also to other interested students who register in time and have adequate knowledge which they can prove by handing in a task relevant to the workshop they want to visit. Tasks will be online in December.
  • Registration for the workshops will be online from November 15th, 2020 to December 15th, 2020. Registration for the courses was open from September 15th, 2020 until October 15th, 2020 and is closed now.
  • If the workshops can be in Bochum: Accommodation and meals during the workshops being up to your own organization, there will be no fees for participation. We will offer advise if needed.

Due to COVID-19 and the uncertainty around events, please consider that all these plans might change within reason.