The Master's program Linguistic Data Science

Our two year program connects Linguistics, Data Science, and Computer Science, with a strong emphasis on Linguistics. The course of studies is research-oriented and prepares students for a career at universities or in a broad range of industries.

While Theoretical Linguistics lay the foundation of linguistic work, methods from computer science have been refined or enhanced by computational linguists to suit the particular questions that arise in working with language. Linguistic Data Science is a newer branch of these sciences that brings methods and models from a data driven perspective to linguistic questions.

If offers the opportunity to study connecting fields - usually one in which our students already have a Bachelor's degree and two others that they are interested in. Studying Linguistic Data Science at LDSL you will learn to use your interest in these fields to work on an equal footing with experts from other fields. The Master program is special in that it asks students both to develop a broad knowledge base from different fields and also the ability to build connections within this knowledge base that can be put to practical use in research projects or applications.


This graphic overview of the course of studies gives you a first impression on what the program has to offer and what your course of studies might look like:
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Content and Goals

If you want to inform yourself in-depth on the course of studies, you should read our module manual.

Note: These documents are not yet finished to be published.

Module Manual


If you want to see how well you might do in the course of studies, you can take the self-assessment here.

If you fill out all the questions, you will see a confirmation page that you need to save for your application.


If you are a German student or have a first degree from a German university, you can apply directly with us by sending all the required documents to the following adress:
Please note that if your apilication arrives after September, 1st, we cannot guarantee that we can arrange for the mandatory consultation with the advisory office in time for regular enrollment.

If you are an international student, i.e. you neither have German citizenship nor a Bachelor's from a German university, note that you can apply for the winter term 2022/23 from June 22. Your application has to be organized by the International Office.

Your application should consist of the following documents. Please save each as a pdf with your name and the content in the file's name:

  • two pages describing your academic career so far
  • degree certificate (German or English)
  • Transcript of Records
  • a document proving your proficiency in English
  • the confirmation page you saw after concluding the self-assessment-test.

Details on the requirements

  • 15 CP in each of these three: Linguistics, Computer Science, and Mathematics/Statistics AND 60 CP in one of the three
  • In exceptional cases, the admission comittee can allow a problem with the first condition to be healed after the beginning of your studies by taking additional classes. In this case, you will be informed about the success of your application under individual conditions.
  • You can prove your language skills for example with your Abitur-Zeugnis, the Diploma Supplement of the English-language Bachelor's you took, a TOEFL-test result, ...
  • The two-page-description must not be just a re-iteration of your CV or a list of classes you took but an explanation of how your previous experience will serve you in this program.

If you have questions about any of these requirements, please contact the academic advisory office.

Study Coordination

After you applied successfully, you have to contact the academic advisory office (Fachstudienberatung) to agree on the time for a mandatory consultation session. During this, you will discuss the requirements posed on you for full admission, your initial goals for a focus and any other questions you might have. The session will last about 30 minutes and you need to prepare for it.

If you have questions before your application, you can also contact the academic advisory office at