The Master's program Linguistic Data Science

Our two year program connects Linguistics, Data Science, and Computer Science, with a strong emphasis on Linguistics.

While Theoretical Linguistics lay the foundation of linguistic work, methods from computer science have been refined or enhanced by computational linguists to suit the particular questions that arise in working with language. Linguistic Data Science is a newer branch of these sciences that brings methods and models from a data driven perspective to linguistic questions.

It offers the opportunity to study connecting fields - usually one in which our students already have a Bachelor's degree and two others that they are interested in. Studying Linguistic Data Science at LDSL you will learn to use your interest in these fields to work on an equal footing with experts from other fields. The Master program is special in that it asks students both to develop a broad knowledge base from different fields and also the ability to build connections within this knowledge base that can be put to practical use in research projects or applications.

The course of studies is research-oriented and prepares students for a career at universities or in a broad range of industries.

Working in Linguistic Data Science

Graduates from this program are qualified to work in special Linguistic research implementing the algorithms and methods they learned. Due to their experience in programming, project planning, and team work they can be valuable members in development and research teams where they can also work as "adapters" between experts of different backgrounds.

Apart from the specific field of Linguistic Data Science as a newer branch of consulting and analysis, they can also apply their knowledge and training in fields like software development, banking, and medicine as language processing, accessibility, and success evaluation are growing aspects of these fields.


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