Dr. Claudia Roch

Claudia.Roch@rub.de +49 234 32-25117

GA 2/141

Claudia Roch completed her doctoral studies in July 2018. She has been working at the chair for theoretical and computational linguistics first as a research assistant (since 2006) and as a research associate later on (since 2012) with short interruptions.


I’m interested in the sense disambiguation of polysemous expressions and the definition of annotation schemas for this purpose. As part of the development of a sense inventory for German prepositions I focus upon conditional, causal and concessive readings which are important for establishing coherence.
I address the semantic variability and context dependence of prepositions in connection with modality and factuality. In order to model the linguistic coding of speakers’ (un-)certain attitudes towards the occurrence of a situation I conducted a wide-range annotation study for German.
At the very center of corpus-linguistic methodology I work with annotation mining techniques with the aim of investigating several annotation layers at different linguistic levels. The analyses are complemented by the use of multivariate statistic models.
I’m also interested in the phenomena of article omission, countability, valency of (relational) nouns, and cross-linguistic investigations for Spanish and Catalan in these thematic fields.

semantic annotation
determiner omission
conditional, causal and concessive linguistic devices
modality and factuality
annotation mining
correspondence analysis

This semester

WS 20/21

  • Introduction to Linguistic Models [online course]
  • NN in Python [workshop, together with Mirjam Koch]


Past semesters

SS 20

  • NLP mit Python ('NLP in Python’) [4 SWS]

WS 19/20

  • Bedeutungsinventare für Präpositionalphrasen (‘Sense inventories for PPs’)
  • Modalität (‘Modality’)

SS 19

  • Bedeutungsdisambiguierung in der CL (‘Word sense disambiguation in the field of CL’)
  • Korrespondenzanalyse (‘Correspondence analysis’)

WS 17/18

  • Ansätze zur Polysemie (insb. von Präpositionen) (‘Approaches towards polysemy (with a focus on prepositions)’)

WS 16/17

  • Relationale Nomina (‘Relational nouns’)

WS 15/16

  • Kontrastive Linguistik (‘Contrastive Linguistics’)

SS 15

  • Bedeutungskonstituierung von Kausalzusammenhängen (‘Construction of meaning in the expression of causal relations’)

WS 13/14

  • Semantische Annotation (‘Semantic annotation’) [together with Antje Müller]


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