Code of Conduct

A reference document for students, teachers, and members of the LDSL.
Code of Conduct

Academic Advisory Office

Here you find information on the academic advisory office. The pages offer additional information on some topics and ways to contact the advisor - for example to ask for advice on your course of studies or for the mandatory session before you take up your studies at LDSL.
academic advisory office

Course of Studies

This is where you find the course of studies to orient yourself in your course of studies, calculate your grade so far and understand what should/could happen next semester:
Course of Studies

Helpful tools and general literature

When studying Linguistic Data Science you will profit from additional materials that can help you in specific classes or in your course of study in general. Additionally, we collect useful (programming) tools and interesting literature here.
Material and Tools

Forms & Formalities

Here you find the module manual, examination regulations, forms for (late) registration, etc. to organize your studies: