The Academic Advisory Office

You advisor (Fachstudienberatung) is Mirjam Koch, whom you can reach for all questions surrounding your studies at

The advisor is responsible for any questions surrounding your course of studies, decisions about the courses you pick, and can advise you on the right core module for your goals.

If you have an in-person appointment at the university, it takes place at GA 8/162.

Find information on the current semester here.

Additional links to experts from the university:

On the mandatory counseling session

If your application for our program was successful, you are invited to participate in a mandatory counseling session. During this we will discuss your plans for your studies and choose some of the courses you might take during your first semester as part of the Supplementary Module.

Here you find additional information on that:

Additional tools and material

More Tips, Tools and Literature

This collection of information, literature, tutorials, and tools might help you prepare for your studies. Please note that we just provide these links and do not guarantee or bear liability for their content or changes in their content over time:

As introductory literature we recommend: