The Academic Advisory Office

You advisor (Fachstudienberatung) is Mirjam Koch, whom you can reach for all questions surrounding your studies at

The advisor is responsible for any questions surrounding your course of studies, decisions about the courses you pick, and can advise you on the right core module for your goals.

On the mandatory counseling session

Before you can enroll and afer your application was successful, you have to participate in a mandatory counseling session with the academic advisor for the program.

You will have to discuss the choices for your first semester (apart from the usual base modules). Most importantly, you can pick courses for the Supplementary Module. If you are admitted with restrictions you have to fulfill, you will have to pick courses that suit these requirements.
Ideally, you should have a few ideas prepared, what you would like to choose. The advisor will check these modules with you for suitability.

Finding courses

You can find modules to pick from in the general course catalogue here.
For English modules, specifically check the international course catalogue.

When you choose a course, take care to note down the Course number for an easier discussion.

Example courses

Some example courses you might pick depending on your needs, interests and experience are:

  • 050621 English Linguistics - Current Models and Methods
  • 050613 Morphology
  • 050015 Plurality across languages
  • 310008 Machine Learning: Evolutionary Algorithms
  • 310003 Machine Learning: Unsupervised Methods

Note that you can also participate in courses of the UA Ruhr - so you could choose courses from the programs at TU Dortmund or Universität Duisburg-Essen. In all cases, prepare a list with links for the consultation so the time won't overflow.

Additional tools and material

Soon this section will list a collection of useful tools and materials for your studies.


Tools you might use in your studies