Upcoming Events

We are looking forward to these events:

Summer school in winter

As teaching staff at many universities throughout the world, we had to rethink the next winter semester and our plans for the week long workshop/summer school (in winter) we were planning.

So now we invite you to the same event in a different format: take part from any place in the world and join our classes during the semester. And if the situation allows by then, visit us at RUB to top the semester of with 1-3 workshop days.

Winter School 2021

Past events

Something to remember: Have a look at past events we hosted.

Limits Of Experimentation

Although sadly the event could not take place due to COVID-19, Limits of Experimentation was a workshop planned by the Lab for May 22-23, 2020 that might be worth having a look at.

Maybe you have ideas and would like to prepare something for a future event that will make up for this lost opportunity?
Limits of Experimentation