Volume 1

On Abstract Nouns and Countability

Halima Husić 2020

The dissertation investigates the countability of abstract nouns both empirically and theoretically by combining research from (morpho-)syntax and semantics of noun phrases. Using empirical methods, such as Annotation Mining and corpus analyses, on a sample of polysemous abstract nouns, the thesis draws generalizations relating the countability of abstract nouns to the boundedness of abstract entities and offers a semantic analysis for eventuality denoting nominals.


Volume 2

Bestimmung und Annotation von Präpositions-bedeutungen

Tibor Kiss, Antje Müller, Claudia Roch, Tobias Stadtfeld, Katharina Börner, Monika Duzy

The handbook systematically takes stock of a selection of German simple prepositions – in a two-fold perspective analysing prepositional forms in terms of their senses and inversely covering common senses shared by prepositional forms. The accompanying resource PrepSensNZZ, which is also found under resources, illustrates the annotation process, and supersenses, as well as specific subsenses derived by decision trees and taxonomies, which form part of the annotation system. PrepSensNZZ can also be used independently of SLLDS 2 as a gold standard for preposition sense tagging.


Volume 3

Über über und dessen Entsprechungen im Englischen

Simon Masloch

This Master’s thesis presents a corpus of German-English sentence pairs where the German sentence contains the preposition über. The annotations are used to create mappings between the different readings of über and its English translation equivalents. It is shown that—with the exception of over—each of the translation equivalents is only used with a small subset of the readings of über. The usefulness of the annotations and the mappings for a variety of different purposes, including a semantic description of über, word-sense disambiguation, the creation of bilingual dictionaries, and the search for expressions with a specific meaning is demonstrated.


Volume 4

Syntactic Pattern Distribution Analysis of Experiencer-Object Psych Verbs - An Annotation Manual

Simon Masloch, Johanna M. Poppek, Amelie Robrecht, Tibor Kiss

This manual contains the detailed annotation guidelines used to create a database for the syntactic (and in part semantic) behaviour of 64 German experiencer object verbs. These verbs are annotated for their syntactic pattern, the semantic nature of their stimulus (if present), the presence of a stimulus PP and various other features. Both the manual as well as the resulting database can be used for testing theoretical hypotheses as well as for experimental and computational tasks. The full database is available on Github.