Alicia Katharina Börner +49 234 32-25117

GA 2/142

Alicia Katharina Börner gained her Master’s degree in Theoretical Linguistics at the Ruhr-University Bochum in 2015. Since 2013, she has been working in different projects at the Chair of Theoretical and Computational Linguistics – initially as a research assistant, and from 2015 on, as a research associate.


I am interested in phenomena of the syntax-semantics-interface. Currently, a special focus lays on word order phenomena in German.
I strive for an empirically adequate analysis of linguistic phenomena. To this end, I combine corpus and experimental data.
Currently, I am affiliated with project “Position and Interpretation of adverbials in German”, both theoretically and methodologically. The acceptability rating and decision task studies as well as the resulting analysis of the syntax and semantics of adverbial PPs in German form also the core of my dissertation project.
As a research associate, I worked on preposition senses and polysemy and gained expertise in semantic annotation. This knowledge is a helpful base for my current research.
As far as teaching is concerned, I offer courses on different syntactic and semantic phenomena. Here, it is important to me to impart methodological competence and a critical view on the empirical base of linguistics.

Theoretical Linguistics
Theories of Grammar
Word Order
Experimental Linguistics
Corpus Linguistics
Semantic Annotation


Past semesters

WS 19/20

  • PS: Depiktive & Adverbiale (Di 12-14)

SS 19

  • Schnittstellen der Syntax (Proseminar)

SS 17

  • Adverbiale Modifikation (Proseminar)