GerEO is a set of syntactic and semantic annotations on German sentences containing an experiencer-object (EO) verb. EO verbs are psychological predicates whose Experiencer argument is mapped onto the object.

They are claimed to be syntactically special in the literature. GerEO may be used to e.g. review, develop and falsify theoretical hypotheses and to aid the design of experiments by allowing to detect properties of verbs that may cause interference effects and to search for sentences with specific properties to develop realistic experimental stimuli. It may also serve as gold standard data for AI.


GerEO contains up to 200 sentences per verb for 64 German EO verbs and is distributed in CSV format via our GitHub repository.


When using GerEO, please cite:

Our annotation manual: Masloch, S., Poppek, J. M., Robrecht, A., & Kiss, T. (2021). Syntactic Pattern Distribution Analysis of Experiencer-Object Psych Verbs: An Annotation Manual. Studies in Linguistics and Linguistic Data Science, 4, i–51. and

The resource paper: Poppek, J.M., Masloch, S., Kiss, T. (2022). GerEO: A Large-Scale Resource on the Syntactic Distribution of German Experiencer-Object Verbs. To appear in: Proceedings of LREC.