Teachings in SoSe 2020

This semester, members of the Lab are teaching in our Winter School: Learn about Linguistic Data Science

While online courses during the semester are already closed for new participants, you can still register for the workshops in February:
Winter School

Next Semester

We are currently planning courses for next semester.

Possible Theses

Topics for bachelor or master theses in linguistics can be chosen based on the students’ interests. So, if you have any ideas for your thesis, feel free to propose those first.
If you cannot think of a topic yet, the following list of questions currently interesting for the department can be an inspiration:

  • (Bachelor) Wortstellungsregularitäten bei Stimulus-Subjekt-Verben
  • (Bachelor, Master) Implementation und Validierung von Word Embeddings für einzelne Sprachen
  • (Master) Annotation und Klassifikation von Präpositionsbedeutungen
  • (Master) Ambiguität in der Analyse von Kontrollverben
  • (Master) Analyse der Artikellosigkeit in PPen

If you are interested in Prof. Dr. Kiss as your supervisor, please contact him by email.

Possible Research Projects

Part of the graduate program is independent and individual research guided by a professor in order to prepare for scientific research.
If you would like to ask Prof. Dr. Kiss to be your advisor, please contact him by email.

Past Semesters

Here you will soon find an overview over classes from past semesters. Let us know if there are topics from the past you would like to see repeated in future.